The Pros at Newport Beach Consulting Possess an Impressive Level of Skill

November 22, 2018
The financial services and debt relief firms who help people use home equity and other methods to reduce or eliminate their debt appreciate the efforts of Newport Beach Consulting when it comes to screening qualified candidates for these services. This makes the companies who do this for a living more successful, profitable and secure. Given the reality that credit card interest rates can run higher than 15 percent, whereas the average mortgage is less than five percent, it would certainly seem like a great idea to transfer as much of that 15 percent debt as possible into five percent debt as possible.

Since the average home gains as much as $15,000 in equity annually, it can often make sense for a homeowner to use their equity to pay down their high-interest debts. It’s not really so hard to imagine the savings when that happens. It can reduce your monthly outlay significantly. The fine professionals at Newport Beach Consulting know what potential clients need to know to make a decision on which debt consolidation company each one should consider, to provide them with the greatest benefit.